Welcome to the City of Socorro Swim Team!

The City of Socorro Swim Team was created to encourage family involvement and to teach swimming efficiently and effectively with the goal of making swimming a life-long sport.

Our mission is to provide low level competition with an emphasis on fun, safety, teamwork, fair play and skill development. Children of all ability levels are welcome and given equal opportunities to participate.

Our instructors love kids and swimming. They pour their hearts and energy into helping our children become skilled swimmers and responsible individuals. We all are on the same team. Our team consists of our swimmers, instructors, families and our community. We need to look out for each other for the success of "Our Team".

The City of Socorro Swim Team depends on the cooperation and participation of all of our parents. Family participation is a critical component to the success of our program. We ask each family to carefully consider how they may contribute to the program. Please join us in another successful swim season.

We are looking forward to another great season. If this page leaves unanswered questions, please contact Valen Alonzo at 7357-838 (575).

The City of Socorro Swim Team represents the Socorro area and is a member of the Sundance Aquatic Association (sundanceswimming.org). The Sundance Aquatic Association is the coordinating body for the 17 swim teams in the greater Albuquerque area, including Belen, Socorro, and T or C. The Sundance Aquatic Association by-laws set the rules and regulations governing the member teams and is an all-volunteer organization.


All swimmers must complete the following:
Medical Release Form & Socorro Stingrays Waiver/Release of Liability Form
Sundance Aquatic Association Registration Form
Sundance Aquatic Association Waiver/Release of Liability Form
$75.00 registration fee



The basic items needed are a racing suit and a pair of competition goggles. The racing suit will be SPEEDO LIGHTNING. Wal-Mart carries goggles or you can find them at a sporting goods store. We laso have goggles for sale

It is best to have two suits. One to wear to practice and one to wear to meets. The practice suit will get worn out and become slow, and the meet suit will stay snug and fast. When the meet suit wears out, it can be used as a practice suit.

You must have goggles for practice and meets! Two or three pairs are important because they tend to break at the wrong time.

Goggles protect the eyes from chlorine and help your child see underwater. There are many types and styles. It tends to be a matter of personal choice. Swedish style goggles (a hard plastic goggle that sits inside the eye socket) are not recommended for beginners.

Racing caps will be provided as soon as they are ordered and shipped. We will also have practice caps for sale. Take care of your cap. Additional team caps will be available for purchase while supplies last.


Stuff your bag with everything you normally would take to practice. Also include a change of clothes and a jacket. You know how the weather is in New Mexico. Arrive 20 minutes before warm-up to allow time to change and find your home base. Give yourself plenty of time and take a map.

If you have non-swimming brothers and sisters going to a meet, pack some creative fun things for them. Remember a pool can be a dangerous place, so keep an eye on them at all times.

Your swimmer will also need healthy snacks and or a lunch. Please send them with enough to drink. NO SODAS OR ENERGY DRINKS! Sodas can cause cramping in the water and energy drinks are a simple sugar that can be harmful in the warm weather and make you lethargic. Most facilities do have a snack bar and serve breakfast burritos, drinks, and snacks.


Remember you are representing yourself, your families and the City of Socorro. Please stay out of the facilities while we are the visiting team. Please stay out of all baby pools. Listen to your coaches and make sure you know your events. There is NO CLOWNING IN OR OUT OF THE POOL.


There will be no bus for the 8 & Under meet. Your child will swim against other swimmers of their respective age. This is a very fun meet for the 8 & Unders!

New Mexico Games will be held at West Mesa Aquatic Center. This meet is not a part of the Sundance schedule but is a great opportunity for any interested swimmer of any age to compete against other swimmers from Sundance, USA and City teams. Those who qualify in the top three of any event will be eligible to swim in the State Games of America. I will have sign up forms for those that are interested. Check the bulletin board for more information.


We will have a bus for all away meets with the exception of the New Mexico Games, 8 & Under Meet, and State Championships. Most of our meets are on Saturdays. You are welcome and encouraged to take you swimmer to the meet. It is always great to have parent support at the meets to cheer loud and often for the Stingrays.


We will give our best effort to notify parents of any canceled practices due to weather or other circumstances. We will call those in the outlying areas first. As we know a storm can hit very quickly and there may not be enough time to notify all parents. There will be a sign posted on the front door of the pool if this occurs. MONSOONS, MONSOONS, MONSOONS!


Some, but not all meets will have a stroke and turn judge at the meet. Their job is to ensure that the rules relating to each stroke are being followed. If your child is disqualified (DQ'd) in an event, be supportive rather than critical. For beginning swimmers, a disqualification should be treated as a learning experience, not as a punishment. A DQ alerts the swimmer and the coach to what portions of the swimmer’s stroke need to be corrected. They should be considered in the same light as on incorrect answer in schoolwork. They point out areas which need further practice. The DQ is necessary to keep competition fair and equitable for all other competitors. A supportive attitude on the part of the official, coach, and the parent can also keep it a positive experience for the DQ's swimmer.


Ribbons are the responsibility of the HOME TEAM. All heats will be given a ribbon and a participant ribbon is given in the event of a DQ.


Can't stop without a message. As a parent, your major responsibility is to provide a stable, loving, supportive environment. This positive environment will encourage your child to continue. Show your interest by ensuring your child's attendance at practice, and by coming to meets. Good sportsmanship starts with you: cheer for your child and your team. Remember that improvement and personal accomplishments are more important than winning. NOW LETS HAVE SOME FUN!


Parent Contacts



T-shirts will be ordered according to the size noted on your registration form and will coordinate with our team suit.


It is always necessary to have fundraisers during the season to purchase meet ribbons, printer ink, and awards for our banquet.

Parents are encouraged to plan other fundraisers.


We will need timers, ribbon writers, and hospitality volunteers at all home meets and timers at every away meet.

We have one of the bigger teams in the league this year; therefore, we need to take a bigger responsibility for the Championship Meet.