For those of you that are new to Socorro Swimming, here are a few things that could be helpful...
Parent Resources (taken from

Meets generally start with the visiting teams' warming up.

What to bring to EVERY meet

  • Put your child's name on everything
  • Team Swimsuit and cap
  • Goggles
  • Towel (towels are NOT provided by any pool)
  • Sunscreen
  • Water, Snacks, etc.
What to expect (an overview for new families)
  • Out of consideration for the rest of the team be on time. Since a relay is the first event, if your child is late it can cause a whole relay team to forfeit the race.
  • Warm-up is generally 1 hour before the race.
  • Plan to arrive, poolside, 15 minutes before the scheduled warm up time. This will allow you time to find a place to park your things, get your child ready for warm up and have them check in with their coach. Teams usually try to all set up camp together. Find your team and pick out a spot with the group.
  • ALWAYS let the coach know if you will not be attending a meet as soon as possible; please give at least 2 days notice.
  • During warm up (while your child is swimming) check the event list that the coaches will post. Bring a 3x5 card or paper and a pen to write down the events your child will swim in. You will want to record the event, the lane, and the heat.
How can I help?
  • All of these meets are run by volunteers. Expect to work in some capacity at each meet. Prior to each meet a volunteer sheet is posted at practice showing what needs there are. Please sign up in advance. Most volunteers work ½ of the meet (events 1-4 or 5-8), the announcer works the full meet.
  • Generally speaking the host team supplies the following:
  • Finish Judge
  • Time Sheet Collector
  • Announcer/Starter
  • Ribbon Table
  • Teams generally provide their own Timer/Recorders.
  • All of the meets are run in the same order, as follows:
  1. Medley Relay (back, breast, fly, free)
  2. Short Freestyle
  3. Individual Medley (fly, back, breast, free)
  4. Backstroke
  5. Long Freestyle
  6. Breaststroke
  7. Butterfly
  8. Free Relay
  • Within each event the races are run by age group from the youngest to the oldest. For the older age groups, boys and girls are sometimes combined.
  1. 8 & Under Girls
  2. 8 & Under Boys
  3. 9-10 Girls
  4. 9-10 Boys
  5. 11-12 Girls
  6. 11-12 Boys
  7. 13-14 Girls
  8. 13-14 Boys
  9. 15-18 Girls
  10. 15-18 Boys (Sometimes parents jump in here)
  • Listen to the announcer (it can be hard to hear over the noise of the meet, you may have to just keep up with the meet events to know when your child's next race is. He will give 1 st call, 2 nd call, and final call for each race (not each heat). Your child should be in line at the blocks by second call.

After each race your child should go to the ribbon table to pick up their ribbon.


Parent Contacts



T-shirts will be ordered according to the size noted on your registration form and will coordinate with our team suit.


It is always necessary to have fundraisers during the season to purchase meet ribbons, printer ink, and awards for our banquet.

Parents are encouraged to plan other fundraisers..


We will need timers, ribbon writers, and hospitality volunteers at all home meets and timers at every away meet.

We have one of the bigger teams in the league this year; therefore, we need to take a bigger responsibility for the Championship Meet.